Rams Lacrosse Club

Northern Colorado's premiere lacrosse destination

The RLC is one of the founding members of the LXTC/Mammoth Box Lacrosse League, which competes in the nationally sanctioned USBOXLA.  This partnership will include player and coaching clinics, standardized rules and officiating, multiple venues on the Front Range, and the opportunity to play for a championship.  This is the premiere box lacrosse experience in the state of Colorado - and soon to be the entire United States!

Indoor, or box, lacrosse is one of the best ways to hone your stick skills through high repetitions, fast-paced games and fun.

At RLC, we teach true "boxla," meaning using the correct hand on the court, stickhandling, passing and shooting in tight spaces, clearing and riding in the box and other skills and strategies that are unique to the indoor game.  We guarantee your skills and IQ will take a major jump throughout this session!

2017/2018 Box Season


  • 3rd/4th Grade
  • 5th/6th Grade
  • 7th/8th Grade


  • Members of Colorado State University coaching staff


  • Practices:
    • 1x per week (90 minutes)
    • Thursdays from either 5-6:30 p.m. or 6:30-8 p.m.
  • Games (all on Sundays):
    • Dec. 3, 10, 17
    • Jan. 7, 21, 28
    • Feb. 4
  • Championship Weekend:
    • Feb. 9-11

To Register:

    • https://campscui.active.com/orgs/RamsLacrosseClub?season=2201502 
    • Or click "Register Now" button above
  • Step 2: REGISTER WITH LXTC (see below)
    • Click here: http://assn.la/Reg/?r=4:129642
    • Select an Age Division
      • 3rd/4th Grade, select U10
      • 5th/6th Grade, select U12
      • 7th/8th Grade, select U14
    • In the drop down menu for 'Team Placement Option'- select “Player registering for existing team- $295”
    • Type in ‘RLCBOX’ for both the team and the coach option.


  • $595 for the season
    • $300 for RLCBOX team fees (coaching, practice time, team administration)
    • $295 for LXTC player fees (individual registration with the LXTC)
  • $150 deposit due Oct. 31, 2017
    • Deposit will be refunded in full if minimum players are not met (13-15 per team)
    • Deposits for all other reasons will be handled on a case by case basis

2016/2017 Season

U13: 3rd Place

2015/2016 Season

U11: 2nd Place
U12: 3rd Place
U15: 5th Place