Rams Lacrosse Club

Northern Colorado's premiere lacrosse destination

Mission and Values Statement

The overall mission of the RLC is to mold young men into great teammates and members of society through the vehicle of lacrosse.

On the field, our goal is to create a unique training and playing method that mirrors collegiate styles of play to prepare experienced and novice players alike for higher levels of competition.  With a healthy focus on fundamental lacrosse skills and innovative team tactics, the RLC's three core values of FAMILY, HARD WORK, and GREATNESS will be a part of everything we do.


We believe that FAMILY comes first. That means taking care of your family of origin first and foremost.  Your second family are your teammates.  The teams that end up being the most successful are the ones in which players put their brothers ahead of themselves.  No matter which teams you play for in the spring, when you play for the RLC, you are all part of the Rams Family.  Finally, we belong to the brotherhood of lacrosse.  We owe the sport our respect on and off the field.


Nothing that is worth having comes easy.  We focus on 100% effort in every single drill in every single practice.  Yes, we have lots of fun too, but the fun comes from the knowledge that we are outworking everyone else and doing the little things needed to be successful.  We ask a lot of our players, but learning the value of earning everything you get is something in which we believe strongly.


If you start with FAMILY and mix in the right amount of HARD WORK, we believe you will attain GREATNESS.  Being great is not about winning and losing lacrosse games.  It’s about doing the best you can possibly do to become as good as you can possibly be – at anything in life.  Being great means maximizing your potential by playing with joy in your heart and having fun, working hard and learning new skills.  Make no mistakes, when we play games, we play to win.  But we believe that any team can BE GREAT regardless of the outcome.